50 Takes On Hunger

50 leaders, 50 weeks, 50 views on how to feed the world - an initiative marking WFP's 50 years on the frontlines of hunger.

To mark WFP's 50 years of service to the hungry, we asked 50 influential people to give us their thoughts on the global fight against hunger. A fresh videoclip, with a new person's take on hunger, will be published here every week. 50 Takes On Hunger aims to be a global conversation on hunger, so please tell us what you think. Listen to what people say on this page and leave your comments at the bottom.

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1. Molly Gives Her Take On Hunger

8 Jan 2013


1 Jan 1970

Molly Gives Her Take On Hunger

Molly, a 13-year-old girl from the Mathare slum in Kenya, talks about the meals she receives every day in class through WFP’s school feeding programme. Last year, Molly starred in a series of videos she made herself using a camera lent to her by WFP, which showed how those meals make a difference in the lives of children like her. Her videos were watched and shared thousands of times by people all over the world. Watch Molly's Videos | Watch 50 Takes On Hunger

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