Howard G. Buffett visits the Centre of Excellence Against Hunger

On 29 of March, the WFP Centre of Excellence Against Hunger hosted the visit of a joint delegation of Howard Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The delegation visited Brazil  to learn about its experience in food security programmes and especially  in family farming and school feeding programmes. The members of the delegation were the following:

Howard G. Buffett, President – Howard Buffett Foundation;

  • Ann M. Kelly, Chief of Staff - Howard Buffett Foundation;
  • Scott L. Kilman, Director of Policy Research - Howard Buffett Foundation;
  • Dr. Roy Steiner, Deputy Director, Agricultural Development – BMG Foundation;
  • Mr. Brady Walkinshaw, Programme Officer, Agricultural Development - BMG Foundation;
  • Mrs. Gabriella Dorlhiac, Director, Albright Stonebridge Group.
The delegation met at the Centre’s office in Brasilia before travelling to  Brazilandia,the oldest city around Brasilia. The city is also one of the most productive areas around Brasilia, and has just recently improved its integration to the main institutional markets in Brazil: the Food Acquisition Programme (PAA) and the school feeding programme (PNAE). These two programmes have supported the farmers’ integration to these markets and have impacted the farmers’ social dimensions. 
At first, the delegation visited two rural family agricultural establishments to appreciate the crops and native foods that are provided to the school feeding programme at this area. Mr. Abdias used to be a beneficiary of Bolsa Familia in past years. Mrs. Noildes has 9 children and is still a beneficiary of Bolsa Family.  With this visit the delegation was able to appreciate how the incentive to familiar agriculture promotes local development in a sustainable way.
Right after this site, the delegation proceeded to visit the infrastructure of the Food Producer Association “Alexandre Gusmão”. It was an opportunity to see the family agricultural products that were distributed to the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE) and the Food Acquisition Programme (PAA) at this municipality. They received explanations about the technical assistance, the community organization and the incentives (credit (PRONAF) and insurance) that are characteristic of the PRONAF, PAA and PNAE.
Finally at the local school “Incra 7” the delegation followed the school feeding implementation and participated at the snack (fruit picnic) provided by the school feeding programmes, together with the students and their parents. . It was a primary school, most of them children of the small farmers living around the school. The food products come from the Food Producer Association and illustrate the healthy and nutritious food which is incorporated into the school feeding programmes.