Call for agenda proposals: 2013 Annual WFP Partnership Consultation

Voice your opinions and share your views!

As planning is now underway for this year’s Annual WFP Partnership Consultation, we invite you to share with us your views and suggestions for possible agenda topics. We are working on drafting the agenda in a way to address both strategic and technical aspects of our partnerships and would appreciate hearing from you. Please share your feedback with us so that we can take your ideas into consideration and ensure to address your concerns as best possible! Please note: in order for any comments to be published, kindly ensure to indicate your name and organisation along with your entry. With many thanks from the NGO Partnerships Office


 2013 APC: Proposed Agenda Topic


1)         Availability of cash flow/programme resourcing

2)         Case studies/Best practices

3)         Changing face of ‘humanitarian-development’ work

4)         Communication with crisis affected populations: local acceptance strategies and practices

5)         Gender

6)         Impact of US policy and its effect on food aid

7)         Implication of Arab Spring

8)         Joint advocacy: leveraging strength of partners to raise awareness together 

9)         Measuring performance on integrating protection in food assistance

10)    Principles of partnership

11)  Progress Update: 2012 APC Action Plan

11)    Resilience

12)    Transformative agenda

13)    Urban/protracted displacement