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Iceland - 2017


Last updated on:    December 31, 2017


2017 Iceland funding at a glance

Total contributions in 2017 US $1,807,764
  Directed Multilateral ContributionsUS $1,280,000
  Multilateral ContributionsUS $527,764

Iceland directed multilateral contributions by country in 2017

CountryContribution (US$)
Middle East and East Europe Bureau240,000
West Africa Bureau150,000

Iceland directed multilateral contributions by project in 2017

Country Programme category Project number Project title Contribution (US$) 2017 Project unmet needs (US$)
Malawi DEV 200287 Country Programme-Malawi(2012-2016) 600,000
Middle East and East Europe Bureau PRRO 200987 Regional PRRO: Food assistance to Refugees and vulnerable populations in Jordan,Lebanon,Iraq,Turkey and Egypt affected in SYria 240,000
Uganda PRRO 200852 Uganda PRRO - Food assistance to vulnerable households in Uganda 200,000
West Africa Bureau EMOP 200777 Providing life-saving support to households in Cameroon,Chad and Niger directly affected by insecurity in northern Nigeria 150,000

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2017 Iceland Contribution Charts

Contribution trend line (US$)US $4,702,241