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Last updated on:    February 19, 2017


2017 USA funding at a glance

Total contributions in 2017 (year-to-date)US $252,079,697
  Directed Multilateral ContributionsUS $252,079,697
  Multilateral ContributionsUS $0

USA directed multilateral contributions by country in 2017

CountryContribution (US$)
Congo, Democratic Republic Of29,550,367
Côte d'Ivoire7,277,229
Palestine, State of15,000,000
West Africa Bureau6,000,000
Syrian Arab Republic10,000,000
Tanzania, United Republic of10,000,000

USA directed multilateral contributions by project in 2017

Country Programme category Project number Project title Contribution (US$) 2017 Project unmet needs (US$)
Afghanistan SOP 200870 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Afghanistan 5,000,000
Burundi PRRO 200655 Assistance to Refugees and Vulnerable Food-Insecure Populations 7,189,436
Cambodia DEV 200202 Country Programme-Cambodia (2011-2018) 6,809,862
Congo, Democratic Republic Of PRRO 200832 Targeted Food Assistance to Victims of Armed Conflicts and other Vulnerable Groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo 29,550,367
Côte d'Ivoire DEV 200960 COUNTRY PROGRAMME-COTE D'IVOIRE (2017-2020) 7,277,229
Ecuador PRRO 200701 Integration of Refugees and Persons Affected by the Conflict in Colombia 1,800,000
Ethiopia PRRO 200712 Responding to Humanitarian Crises and Enhancing Resilience to Food Insecurity 27,630,013
Guinea-Bissau DEV 200846 6,989,577
Haiti DEV 200150 Assistance to the National School Feeding Programme in Haiti 7,000,147
Iraq EMOP 200677 Emergency Assistance to Populations Affected by the Iraq Crisis 25,000,000
Kenya DEV 200680 Country-Programme-Kenya (2014-2018) 9,154,302
Madagascar PRRO 200735 Response to food security and nutrition needs of population affected by natural disasters and resilience building of food insecure communities of south-western,southern and southeastern regions of Madagascar 2,700,000
Malawi DEV 200287 Country Programme-Malawi(2012-2016) 9,178,661
Myanmar PRRO 200299 Supporting Transition by Reducing Food Insecurity and Undernutrition among the Most Vulnerable 5,000,000
Nigeria SOP 201032 Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Sector Coordination and Services to augment the Humanitarian Response in NE Nigeria 1,605,606
Pakistan PRRO 200867 Transition: Towards Resilience and Zero Hunger in Pakistan 10,000,000
Palestine, State of PRRO 200709 Food Assistance for the Food-Insecure Population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 15,000,000
Rwanda DEV 200539 CP-Rwanda-(2013-2018) 4,894,750
Rwanda PRRO 200744 Food and Safety Net Assistance to Refugee Camp Residents and Returning Rwandan Refugees. 7,500,000
Somalia PRRO 200844 Reducing Malnutrition and Strengthening Resilience to Shocks for a Food Secure Somalia 20,000,000
Tanzania, United Republic of PRRO 200603 Food Assistance to Refugees in North- Western Tanzania 10,000,000
Uganda PRRO 200852 Uganda PRRO - Food assistance to vulnerable households in Uganda 10,000,000
West Africa Bureau EMOP 200799 Critical support to populations affected by the ongoing crisis in Central African Republic and its regional impact 6,000,000

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2017 USA Contribution Charts

Contribution trend line (US$)US $9,471,879,763