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Last updated on:    December 4, 2016


2016 USA funding at a glance

Total contributions in 2016 (year-to-date)US $1,770,138,036
  Directed Multilateral ContributionsUS $1,766,138,036
  Multilateral ContributionsUS $4,000,000

USA directed multilateral contributions by country in 2016

CountryContribution (US$)
Burkina Faso3,313,797
Congo, Democratic Republic Of41,093,093
Central African Republic2,500,000
Côte d'Ivoire11,265,425
Middle East and East Europe Bureau26,000,000
Lao People's Democratic Republic9,486,295
Sri Lanka100,000
Latin America and Caribbean Bureau5,000,000
Papua New Guinea2,000,000
Palestine, State of16,000,000
Sierra Leone225,718
West Africa Bureau46,002,468
South Sudan263,570,738
Syrian Arab Republic90,042,624
Asia & the Pacific Bureau1,600,000
Tanzania, United Republic of22,348,094
South Africa Bureau285,500

USA directed multilateral contributions by project in 2016

Country Programme category Project number Project title Contribution (US$) 2016 Project unmet needs (US$)
Afghanistan SOP 200870 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Afghanistan 5,000,000
Afghanistan PRRO 200447 Assistance to Address Food Insecurity and Undernutrition 14,000,000
Afghanistan EMOP 201024 Food and nutrition assistance to vulnerable returnees and refugees in Eastern Afghanistan and people displaced by conflict 20,000,000
Algeria PRRO 200301 Assistance to Refugees from Western Sahara 2,000,000
Bangladesh DEV 200243 Country Programme - Bangladesh (2012-2016) 9,029,100
Burkina Faso PRRO 200793 Developing Resilience and Fighting Malnutrition 3,313,797
Burundi PRRO 200655 Assistance to Refugees and Vulnerable Food-Insecure Populations 8,000,000
Cambodia DEV 200202 Country Programme-Cambodia (2011-2016) 6,029,511
Cameroon SOP 200895 UNHAS Cameroon 1,000,000
Central African Republic SOP 200804 Provision for Humanitarian Air Services for the Central African Republic 2,500,000
Chad SOP 200785 SO-TDCO-Prov. for Humanitarian Air Service in Chad 3,600,000
Chad PRRO 200713 PRRO-TDCO-Targeted Food Assistance to Refugees and Vulnerable People Affected by Malnutrition and Recurrent Food Crises 23,958,201
Colombia PRRO 200708 Supporting peace efforts in Colombia: food assistance for people affected by and recovering from conflict 2,065,309
Congo, Democratic Republic Of PRRO 200832 34,843,093
Congo, Democratic Republic Of SOP 200789 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in DRC 5,600,000
Congo, Democratic Republic Of SOP 200661 Strengthening Food Security Cluster Coordination in the Democratic Republic of Congo 650,000
Côte d'Ivoire PRRO 200464 Saving Lives and Livelihoods,Promoting Transition 4,199,573
Côte d'Ivoire DEV 200465 Support The Sustainable School Feeding Programme 7,065,852
Djibouti PRRO 200824 Food Assistance For Vulnerable Groups and Refugees 7,042,958
Ecuador PRRO 200701 Integration of Refugees and Persons Affected by the Conflict in Colombia 2,099,974
Ecuador EMOP 200665 EMOP-ECUADOR-Corp. Emergency Response Facility - Emergency Food Assistance to Populations Affected by Earthquakes 500,000
Ethiopia PRRO 200712 Responding to Humanitarian Crises and Enhancing Resilience to Food Insecurity 50,668,377
Ethiopia SOP 200711 Provision of humanitarian air services in Ethiopia 1,600,000
Ethiopia PRRO 200700 Assistance to Refugees 51,492,374
Ethiopia DEV 200253 Country Programme-Ethiopia(2012-2016) 12,750,750
Ethiopia SOP 200977 Logistics Cluster and WFP Logistics augmentation in support of the Government of Ethiopia for the drought response 6,000,000
Fiji EMOP 200957 WFP Food Assistance,Emergency Logistics and Telecom Capacity in support of the Government of the Republic of Fiji?s response to Tropical Cyclone Winston 1,000,000
Guinea SOP 200923 WFP Service Provision for Ebola Response Phase 3 3,299,520
Guinea-Bissau DEV 200846 5,840,683
Haiti PRRO 200618 PRRO-Haiti-Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Resilience in Haiti 15,741,756
Haiti EMOP 200949 EMOP- Emergency Response to Drought 7,835,936
Haiti DEV 200150 Assistance to the National School Feeding Programme in Haiti 6,999,764
Haiti SOP 201033 Special Operation - Logistics and Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination in Response to the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti 4,517,060
Indonesia DEV 200914 750,000
Iraq EMOP 200677 Emergency Assistance to Populations Affected by the Iraq Crisis 86,000,000
Iraq SOP 200746 Special Operation - Logistics Cluster and Emergency Telecommunications Support in Iraq 7,500,000
Kenya PRRO 200737 Food Assistance to Refugees 30,494,458
Kenya PRRO 200736 Bridging Relief and Resilience in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands 23,965,671
Kenya DEV 200680 Country-Programme-Kenya (2014-2018) 9,182,400
Lao People's Democratic Republic DEV 200242 Country Programme Laos (2012-2015) 9,486,295
Latin America and Caribbean Bureau PRRO 200490 Restoring Food Security and Livelihoods through Assistance for Vulnerable Groups Affected by Recurrent Shocks in El Salvador,Guatem ala,Honduras and Nicaragua 5,000,000
Liberia SOP 200926 Logistics and Capacity Development Support for the Humanitarian Community?s Response to the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in Liberia 433,332
Madagascar PRRO 200735 Response to food security and nutrition needs of population affected by natural disasters and resilience building of food insecure communities of south-western,southern and southeastern regions of Madagascar 18,461,928
Malawi PRRO 200692 Responding to Humanitarian Needs and Strengthening Resilience 97,107,813
Malawi PRRO 200460 Food Assistance to Refugees in Malawi 900,000
Malawi DEV 200287 Country Programme-Malawi(2012-2016) 6,883,475
Mali PRRO 200719 Saving Lives,Reducing Malnutrition and Rebuilding Livelihoods 24,631,319
Mali SOP 200802 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Mali 800,000
Mauritania SOP 200803 Provisions for Humanitarian Air Services 550,000
Mauritania PRRO 200640 Protecting livelihoods,reducing undernutrition,and building resilience through safety nets,asset creation and skills development 2,859,734
Middle East and East Europe Bureau EMOP 200433 Food Assistance to Vulnerable Syrian Populations in Jordan,Lebanon,Iraq,Turkey,and Egypt Affected by Conflict in Syria 26,000,000
Mozambique PRRO 200355 Assistance to Vulnerable Groups and Disaster Affected Populations in Mozambique 19,538,913
Myanmar PRRO 200299 Supporting Transition by Reducing Food Insecurity and Undernutrition among the Most Vulnerable 2,500,000
Nepal DEV 200319 Country Programme Nepal (2013-2017) 8,774,862
Nepal PRRO 200787 Food Assistance to Refugees from Bhutan in Nepal 1,000,000
Niger SOP 200792 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Niger 700,000
Niger PRRO 200583 Enhancing the resilience of chronically vulnerable populations in Niger 30,174,964
Nigeria SOP 200834 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Nigeria 4,000,000
Pakistan PRRO 200867 Transition: Towards Resilience and Zero Hunger in Pakistan 28,500,000
Palestine, State of PRRO 200709 Food Assistance for the Food-Insecure Population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 16,000,000
Papua New Guinea EMOP 200966 Food Assistance to El-Ni?o affected populations in Papua New Guinea 2,000,000
Philippines PRRO 200743 Enhancing the Resilience of Communities and Government Systems in Regions Affected by Conflict and Disaster 700,000
South Sudan SOP 200786 Provision of Humanitarian Air Service in the Republic of South Sudan. 7,200,000
South Sudan SOP 200778 Logistics Cluster Activities in Support of the Humanitarian Community in South Sudan 16,000,000
South Sudan EMOP 200859 Emergency Operation in Response to Conflict in South Sudan 173,598,265
South Sudan PRRO 200572 Food and Nutrition Assistance for Relief and Recovery,Supporting Transition and Enhancing Capabilities to Ensure Sustainable Hunger Solutions in South Sudan 66,772,473
Rwanda DEV 200539 CP-Rwanda-(2013-2018) 4,894,750
Rwanda PRRO 200744 Food and Safety Net Assistance to Refugee Camp Residents and Returning Rwandan Refugees. 4,300,001
Somalia PRRO 200844 Reducing Malnutrition and Strengthening Resilience to Shocks for a Food Secure Somalia 62,778,196
Somalia SOP 200924 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Somalia and in Kenya 1,750,000
South Africa Bureau SOP 200993 Augmentation of WFP support to the SADC Secretariat and member states in response to the El Ni?o drought 285,500
Sudan SOP 200774 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Sudan 3,800,000
Sudan PRRO 200808 Support for Food Security and Nutrition for Conflict-Affected and Chronically Vulnerable Populations 139,695,658
Swaziland EMOP 200974 Emergency Assistance to Drought-affected Population in Swaziland 2,000,000
Syrian Arab Republic EMOP 200339 Emergency Food Assistance to People Affected by Unrest in Syria 64,342,624
Syrian Arab Republic SOP 200950 WFP Air Deliveries to Provide Humanitarian Support to Besieged and Hard to Reach Areas in Syria 15,700,000
Tanzania, United Republic of PRRO 200603 Food Assistance to Refugees in North- Western Tanzania 22,348,094
Uganda PRRO 200852 Uganda PRRO - Food assistance to vulnerable households in Uganda 25,052,561
Uganda SOP 200836 Logistics Capacity Development: Post-Harvest Food Loss Reduction in Uganda through improved Storage and Handling at the start of the Supply Chain 2,160,000
Uganda DEV 200894 1,540,000
Ukraine EMOP 200765 Assistance to the Civilians Affected by the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine 5,000,000
Ukraine SOP 200821 Logistics Cluster Support to the Humanitarian Response in Ukraine 500,000
West Africa Bureau EMOP 200799 Critical support to populations affected by the ongoing crisis in Central African Republic and its regional impact 20,822,468
West Africa Bureau EMOP 200777 Providing life-saving support to households in Cameroon,Chad and Niger directly affected by insecurity in northern Nigeria 25,180,000
Yemen EMOP 200890 Emergency Food Assistance to the Food Insecure and Conflict-Affected people in Yemen 201,216,125
Yemen SOP 200845 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Yemen 1,500,000
Yemen SOP 200841 Logistics & Emergency Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination to Support Humanitarian Operations in Yemen 6,730,621
Zimbabwe PRRO 200453 Responding to Humanitarian Needs and Strengthening Resilience to Food Insecurity 29,697,906
Zimbabwe PRRO 200944 51,850,187

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2016 USA Contribution Charts

Contribution trend line (US$)US $10,199,785,736