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Last updated on:    December 21, 2014


2014 USA funding at a glance

Total contributions in 2014 (year-to-date)US $2,131,345,180
  Directed Multilateral ContributionsUS $2,126,345,180
  Multilateral ContributionsUS $5,000,000

USA directed multilateral contributions by country in 2014

CountryContribution (US$)
Bosnia and Herzegovina300,000
Burkina Faso (West Africa Bureau)2,982,318
Congo, Democratic Republic Of82,129,553
Central African Republic23,355,059
Congo, Republic Of1,000,000
Côte d'Ivoire5,489,522
Egypt (Middle East and East Europe Bureau)5,822,126
Middle East and East Europe Bureau177,000,000
Guinea (West Africa Bureau)3,792,908
Guatemala (Latin America and Caribbean Bureau)5,099,762
Honduras (Latin America and Caribbean Bureau)3,900,086
Iraq (Middle East and East Europe Bureau)7,500,000
Jordan (Middle East and East Europe Bureau)27,250,000
Lao People's Democratic Republic8,020,500
Lebanon (Middle East and East Europe Bureau)41,250,000
Mauritania (West Africa Bureau)5,999,390
Latin America and Caribbean Bureau150,000
Palestine, State of26,326,818
Sierra Leone (West Africa Bureau)4,581,676
West Africa Bureau67,017,394
South Sudan463,018,629
El Salvador4,600,152
Syrian Arab Republic180,348,600
Turkey (Middle East and East Europe Bureau)15,000,000
Tanzania, United Republic of3,999,816

USA directed multilateral contributions by project in 2014

Country Programme category Project number Project title Contribution (US$) 2014 Project unmet needs (US$)
Afghanistan SOP 200639 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Afghanistan 3,000,000
Afghanistan PRRO 200447 Assistance to Address Food Insecurity and Undernutrition 65,520,418
Bangladesh DEV 200243 Country Programme - Bangladesh (2012-2016) 6,962,600
Bangladesh PRRO 200673 Assistance to Refugees from Myanmar 1,500,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina IR-EMOP 200705 IR-EMOP-BACO-EGRB-Response to Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods 2014 300,000
Burkina Faso PRRO 200509 PRRO Burkina Faso ''Building Resilience and Reducing Malnutrition'' 982,848
Burundi PRRO 200164 Assistance to Refugees,Returnees and Vulnerable Food-Insecure Populations 3,695,899
Burundi IR-EMOP 200678 0 321,000
Burundi PRRO 200655 Assistance to Refugees and Vulnerable Food-Insecure Populations 8,352,278
Cambodia DEV 200202 Country Programme-Cambodia (2011-2016) 7,119,150
Cameroon EMOP 200689 Food and Nutritional Assistance to Central African Refugees in East and Adamaoua regions 5,000,000
Central African Republic SOP 200522 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Central African Republic (CAR) 1,500,000
Central African Republic EMOP 200650 Saving Lives and Protecting Livelihoods in the Central African Republic 21,355,059
Central African Republic SOP 200605 Logistics Support to WFP operations,and Logistics & Emergency Telecommunications Cluster Augmentation in Central African Republic 500,000
Chad PRRO 200289 Targeted Food Assistance to Refugees and Vulnerable People Affected by Malnutrition and Recurrent Food Crises 25,335,532
Chad EMOP 200672 EMOP - Emergency Assistance to People Fleeing Conflict in Central African Republic 1,000,000
Chad SOP 200512 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Chad 4,000,000
Congo, Republic Of PRRO 200147 Assistance to Congolese Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Likouala Province of the Republic of the Congo 1,000,000
Congo, Democratic Republic Of PRRO 200540 Targeted Food Assistance to Victims of Armed Conflicts and other Vulnerable Groups 77,105,498
Congo, Democratic Republic Of SOP 200504 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in DRC. 5,024,055
Côte d'Ivoire PRRO 200464 Saving Lives and Livelihoods,Promoting Transition 5,489,522
Djibouti PRRO 200293 Assistance to Vulnerable Groups Including Refugees 3,665,432
Ecuador PRRO 200275 Assistance to Refugees and Persons Affected by the Conflict in Colombia 2,175,936
Egypt DEV 200238 Country Programme - Egypt(2013-2017) Leveraging National Capacity through Partnerships for Food and Nutrition Security 1,322,126
Ethiopia DEV 200253 Country Programme-Ethiopia(2012-2015) 22,213,871
Ethiopia PRRO 200290 Responding to Humanitarian Crises and Enhancing Resilience to Food Insecurity 29,851,718
Ethiopia PRRO 200365 Food Assistance for Somali,Eritrean and Sudanese Refugees 28,748,824
Ethiopia SOP 200364 Provision of humanitarian air services in Ethiopia 1,600,000
Indonesia DEV 200245 Country Programme - Indonesia (2012-2015) 693,805
Kenya PRRO 200174 Food Assistance to Refugees 45,546,338
Kenya PRRO 200294 Protecting & Rebuilding Livelihoods in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas 72,740,194
Kenya DEV 200680 Country-Programme-Kenya (2014-2018) 8,433,550
Lao People's Democratic Republic DEV 200242 Country Programme Laos (2012-2015) 8,020,500
Latin America and Caribbean Bureau PRRO 200490 Restoring Food Security and Livelihoods through Assistance for Vulnerable Groups Affected by Recurrent Shocks in El Salvador,Guatem ala,Honduras and Nicaragua 150,000
Liberia PRRO 200550 Food Assistance for Refugees and Vulnerable Host Populations 13,448,906
Liberia DEV 200395 CP-LRCO-(2013-2017) 4,735,690
Malawi PRRO 200460 Food Assistance to Refugees in Malawi 450,000
Malawi DEV 200287 Country Programme-Malawi(2012-2016) 8,827,850
Malawi PRRO 200692 Assistance to Vulnerable Groups Affected by Natural Disasters and Economic Shocks 6,929,600
Mali EMOP 200525 Assistance for crisis-affected populations in Mali: internally displaced people,host families and fragile communities 29,961,710
Mali SOP 200521 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Mali 1,000,000
Mauritania SOP 200406 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Mauritania 1,000,000
Turkey (Middle East and East Europe Bureau) EMOP 200433 Food Assistance to Vulnerable Syrian Populations in Jordan,Lebanon,Iraq,Turkey,and Egypt Affected by Conflict in Syria 15,000,000
Mozambique PRRO 200355 Assistance to Vulnerable Groups and Disaster Affected Populations in Mozambique 100,000
Myanmar PRRO 200299 Supporting Transition by Reducing Food Insecurity and Undernutrition among the Most Vulnerable 15,000,000
Nepal DEV 200319 Country Programme Nepal (2013-2017) 8,888,200
Nepal IR-EMOP 200763 Food assistance for flood affected population in the mid-western region 468,131
Niger PRRO 200583 Enhancing the resilience of chronically vulnerable populations in Niger 49,682,788
Niger SOP 200520 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Niger 500,000
Pakistan PRRO 200250 Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security and Rebuilding Social Cohesion 70,945,955
Pakistan SOP 200741 Logistics Cluster Augmentation in Support of the Government of Pakistan and the Humanitarian Community's Response to North Waziristan IDPs Operation 300,000
Palestine, State of EMOP 200298 Emergency Food Assistance to the Non-refugee Population in the Gaza Strip. 16,501,528
Palestine, State of PRRO 200037 Targeted Food Assistance to Support Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups and Enhance Livelihoods in the West Bank 2,325,290
Philippines EMOP 200631 Assistance to the people affected by the super typhoon Haiyan 10,000,100
Philippines PRRO 200296 Support for Returnees and other Conflict-Affected Households in Central Mindanao,and National Capacity Development in Disaster Preparedness and Response 5,497,927
South Sudan SOP 200634 0 4,200,000
South Sudan SOP 200361 Logistics Cluster Activities in Support of the Humanitarian Community in South Sudan 11,800,000
South Sudan EMOP 200659 Emergency Operation in Response to Conflict in South Sudan 324,623,333
South Sudan PRRO 200572 Food and Nutrition Assistance for Relief and Recovery,Supporting Transition and Enhancing Capabilities to Ensure Sustainable Hunger Solutions in South Sudan 114,395,296
South Sudan SOP 200702 Air Bridge Cargo Operations 8,000,000
Rwanda PRRO 200343 Food and Safety Net Assistance to Refugee Camp Residents and Returning Rwandan Refugees 3,000,000
Senegal PRRO 200138 Assistance to Conflict-Affected in the Casamance Naturelle and other Communities Impacted by Production Deficits 2,962,430
Somalia PRRO 200443 Strengthening Food and Nutrition Security and Enhancing Resilience 84,924,455
Somalia SOP 200507 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Somalia and Kenya 2,700,000
Somalia SOP 200440 Food Security Cluster Augmentation in Response to the continued Humanitarian Situation in Somalia 600,000
Sudan EMOP 200597 Food assistance to vulnerable populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters 82,135,013
Sudan SOP 200514 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Sudan 5,800,000
Syrian Arab Republic EMOP 200339 Emergency Food Assistance to People Affected by Unrest in Syria 177,848,600
Syrian Arab Republic SOP 200477 Logistics & Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination to Support Humanitarian Operations in Syria 2,500,000
Tanzania, United Republic of PRRO 200603 Food Assistance to Refugees in North- Western Tanzania 3,999,816
Uganda PRRO 200429 Stabilizing Food Consumption and Reducing Acute Malnutrition among Refugees and Extremely Vulnerable Households 13,000,000
Uganda DEV 108070 Supporting Government-Led Initiatives to Address Hunger in Uganda 1,842,159
Ukraine EMOP 200765 Assistance to the Civilians Affected by the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine 3,000,000
Niger (West Africa Bureau) EMOP 200438 Assistance to Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Affected by Insecurity in Mali 5,000,000
Sierra Leone (West Africa Bureau) EMOP 200761 Support to Populations in Areas Affected by the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea,Liberia,and Sierra Leone 4,581,676
West Africa Bureau SOP 200760 Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in response to the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa 250,000
West Africa Bureau SOP 200773 Logistics Common Services for the Humanitarian Community?s Response to the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa 47,508,916
WFP (HQ-Rome) SOP 200671 Logistics Capacity Development: Post-Harvest Food Loss Reduction 2,200,000
Yemen EMOP 200451 Emergency Food and Nutrition Support to Food Insecure and Conflict-Affected People. 757,000
Yemen PRRO 200636 Safeguarding Lives,Improving Food Security and Nutrition,and Building Resilience 39,091,622
Zimbabwe PRRO 200453 Responding to Humanitarian Needs and Strengthening Resilience to Food Insecurity 12,561,998

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