2013 Annual Partnership Consultations

Annual consultations with NGO partners, held at WFP since 1995, provide a key opportunity for WFP to engage in discussions with its NGO partners. Over the years, the Annual Partnership Consultations (APC) have proven to be an increasingly critical event where WFP is able to strengthen strategic dialogue with a large number of current and potential partners from around the globe. The revamped format of this event which was adopted last year, aims to place our NGO partners in a leadership role, allowing for open dialogue focusing on practical recommendations for enhancing our work together in the future.

The 2013 APC, held at WFP on 29 and 30 October, was a successful event where colleagues from more than 60 NGO and civil society partners joined WFP senior management – from HQ and Regional Bureaux - for one and a half days of strategic dialogue which followed an ambitious agenda focusing on three thematic areas as presented in NGO authored papers: Operationalizing the Transformative Agenda; Regional Strategic Collaboration and; Moving towards a Post-2015 World.

WFP and its partners embrace this opportunity to meet each year with the aim to explore real opportunities as we move forward together in the fight against hunger and chronic malnutrition. Following the transformation of the Consultation last year, the WFP Executive Director reiterated the commitment to carrying forward the spirit of open and honest dialogue and to further developing this event as a ‘not to miss forum’. Participants were thanked for their active engagement –many of whom travelled to Rome for the second consecutive year in light of continuing on-going discussions.

As a key platform for WFP to listen to its partners, this highly anticipated event not only aims to strengthen strategic dialogue, but urges that conversations do not end here; it is critical that the ideas and conversations that begin in plenary are continued and carried back to our teams working together on the ground, inspiring change in in our day-to-day relationships.


Discussions carried out in plenary focused on just this – overcoming challenges, including economic and cultural barriers, to provide for even better collaboration when it comes to planning and implementing projects together across the globe.

A full summary report can be found below.



2013 Documents

        Risk sharing:Supporting documentation - Agenda South Sudan Workshop I Case Study, South Sudan I Agenda Zimbabwe Workshop I Case Study, Zimbabwe


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