2014 Annual Partnership Consultations

Annual consultations with NGO partners, held at WFP since 1995, provide a key opportunity for WFP to engage in discussions with its NGO partners. Over the years, the Annual Partnership Consultations (APC) have proven to be an increasingly critical event where WFP is able to strengthen strategic dialogue with a large number of current and potential partners from around the globe. The revamped format of this event which was adopted last year, aims to place our NGO partners in a leadership role, allowing for open dialogue focusing on practical recommendations for enhancing our work together in the future.

The 2014 APC will be held at WFP on 29 and 30 October.  This year’s agenda will focus on current topics reflecting the global humanitarian and development debate.  Together we will explore:

  • Lessons Learned from WFP-NGO Partnerships in Level 3 Emergencies
  • The Future of Humanitarian Action
  • Post - 2015 - Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Building upon the successful consultations we have shared in the past, WFP looks forward to welcoming its partners again this year and anticipates a fruitful discussion.


2014 APC Documents:



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