Does The World Face Another Food Crisis?

Two experts on food security, author Raj Patel and WFP's Nancy Roman, went on NPR radio this week to talk about recent hikes in food prices, which are leading some in the media to ask whether we could soon be facing a food crisis similar to the one which pushed millions into hunger in 2008.

ROME - Writer, activist and academic Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved, was first up on NPR's To The Point programme. Listing causes of recent price hikes, he pointed to speculation on commodity markets, poor harvests due to bad weather and a Russian embargo on wheat exports.

Following him to the microphone was WFP's own Nancy Roman, head of Communications, Public Policy and Private-sector Partnerships, who confirmed that WFP is concerned about the situation and is watching it carefully. She noted that food prices in many countries have come down from 2008 peaks but are still much higher than long term averages.

If you want to hear the programme, follow this link. (Raj Patel starts speaking at 7'54", Nancy Roman at 14'02")