Three-Pronged Action Plan For Horn Of Africa

The plan for the Horn of Africa, hit so hard by droughts and hunger in recent years, involves short-term action to improve levels of nutrition, early recovery strategies and promoting resilience in the long term. The approach is outlined in two key documents.

NAIROBI -- The crisis in the Horn of Africa has renewed the impetus to break the cycle of drought and food insecurity in the region. The Horn of Africa Plan of Action developed by OXFAM, WFP and FAO, provides a comprehensive strategy of engagement with national and regional counterparts to support and strengthen government-led plans and bridge the divide between humanitarian and development interventions with a three-pronged approach to:

1.    Respond to extreme food and nutrition insecurity of vulnerable people at risk, in the short term;
2.    Promote early recovery strategies, in the medium term; and
3.    Promote livelihood resilience, in the longer term

The 2012 Roadmap to implement the Plan includes mainstreaming the vision of the Plan of Action in the strategies and programming of our respective agencies, including the WFP country offices in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti; promoting the role of IGAD at the regional level to strengthen strategic coordination and promote coherence in the efforts to end drought emergencies in the Horn; and empowering Resident and Humanitarian Coordinators to bring together a wide array of partners to support the operationalisation of Country-led Plans.