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Responding To Drought And Conflict In Mali

Published on 10 May 2012

Drought and conflict are a recipe for disaster in a country like Mali where hunger and malnutrition indicators are high even in the best of times. In this episode, we talk with WFP Country Director Nancy Walters who is leading a complex emergency operation to deliver food to people affected by the crisis.

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Prior to her current role as WFP Country Director in Mali, Nancy Walters served as Chief of the School Feeding Service in WFP's Policy, Planning and Strategy Division. 

She has been working in the field of international development for over 25 years on a range of international development and humanitarian programmes. Before coming to Mali, she worked in Lesotho, Ghana, Egypt and at WFP's Head Quarters in Rome with both the Africa and Middle and Eastern Europe Regions and as Senior Regional Programme Adviser for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran and as Chief of Policy and Administration for the Executive Director.
Ms Walters has worked in a wide range of operations, with a special interest in school feeding programmes, strategic planning and results based management. Most recently she has focused on moving forward WFP’s School Feeding Strategy and Policy with a view to achieving the vision of school-feeding coverage where ‘No child should go to school hungry’. Ms. Walters is also the Chair of the SCN School Age Children Working Group.