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Safety Nets To Catch The World's Hungry

Published on 12 October 2012

There are just under 870 million hungry people in the world, according to a new hunger report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agriculutural Development. The report highlights programmes called "safety nets" as an important means of bringing that number down. In this episode, WFP Chief Economist Lynn Brown discusses some of the main conclusions in the report, such as how safety nets can lift people up by catching them when they fall.

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Lynn Brown is the Chief Economist of WFP. Prior to joining WFP in 2010.she worked for 12 years in the World Bank. A food policy economist, she specializes in food and nutrition policy and security, and gender. From 2008 until 2010 she was based in Bangladesh where she managed the World Bank’s nutrition portfolio, part of the world’s largest health sector wide program. Prior to that she was part of the author team of the World Development Report 2008 on Agriculture. She is an author of numerous research papers, book chapters, and co-editor of a book on gender and structural adjustment.