Aid professionals
20 August 2009

What’s At Stake In Afghanistan

Afghans working to build a better future for their country face a difficult and dangerous task. But for this World Food Programme staff member in Kabul, the risks are worth it. His name is being withheld for security reasons.
Aid professionals
19 August 2009

World Humanitarian Day – 19 August 2009

World Humanitarian Day is being observed for the first time this year even as attacks against humanitarian workers have reached record levels.
Aid professionals
19 August 2009

WFP’s Regional Cairo Bureau Marks World Humanitarian Day With Tribute, Plaque

WFP staff member Gene Luna, killed in a 2007 bomb attack in Algiers, is one of scores of humanitarian workers who have died in the line of duty in recent years.

Responding to Emergencies
30 July 2009

World Struggles To Meet Urgent Hunger Challenge

With a billion people on the planet going hungry every day, the world’s response to the urgent hunger needs of the most vulnerable is flagging, with the result that critical food assistance is already being cut.

Responding to Emergencies
29 July 2009

WFP's Funding Shortfall in 2009

WFP is funded entirely through voluntary contributions, most of which come from governments. When we calculated the cost of feeding 108 million hungry people in 74 countries in 2009, we set a budget of US$6.7 billion. Taking into account forecasts and money already received, we now expect to end the year with US$3.7 billion.

28 July 2009

WFP Trucks Come To The Rescue In Storm-Battered Haiti

A fleet of trucks, donated by the Norwegian Red Cross to WFP Haiti, delivered food and humanitarian supplies to Haitians battered by hurricanes in 2008 – and are poised to come to the rescue again during this hurricane season.

Responding to Emergencies
24 July 2009

Building Trust In A Danger Zone (Staff Profile)

Providing food assistance to millions of destitute people in Somalia is a difficult and dangerous business. As Deputy Country Director for the last two years, Denise Brown, has found that to get the job done she has to be both tough and charming.

Aid professionals
23 July 2009

Formula 1 Driver Raises $13,000 For Hungry Schoolkids

Toyota Formula 1 driver Timo Glock, whose car bears the red cup symbol of WFP's Fill the Cup campaign, has helped raise almost US$13,000 (€9,117) for programmes to provide free school meals to hungry children around the world.

20 July 2009

New WFP Information System Brings Greater Accountability

WFP has just rolled out a new global information system designed to bring the agency big advantages in governance and accountability. By improving our ability to measure performance in all areas of our work, we are better able to report results to our stakeholders.

Focus on Women
15 July 2009

WFP's Sheila Sisulu Highlights Twin-Track Approach To Hunger

The US$20 billion pledged for food security by G8 leaders last week should be used for urgent hunger needs as well as for agricultural development, WFP Deputy Executive Director Sheila Sisulu said Wednesday in the Egyptian Red Sea town of Sharm El Sheikh.


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