7 February 2013

Six Questions With WFP Nutritionist In Eastern Congo

Crispin Mpigirwa is a WFP nutritionist, who works in the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where entire communities often have to abandon their homes to escape fighting. A Congolese national, with 15 years of experience in humanitarian work, Crispin is a key figure in WFP’s efforts to combat malnutrition in the camps for displaced people around Goma.

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17 January 2013

How To Ensure Food Assistance Doesn't Put People In Danger

How can agencies like WFP be sure that food assistance doesn’t jeopardize the safety of the people they're trying to help? This is the question asked by the authors of a new book exploring the measures WFP has taken to keep people safe while providing them with assistance.

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20 December 2012

The Murghab Valley ‘Breakthrough’: A Victory For Humanitarian Assistance In Afghanistan

When everybody says "it can't be done", what would you do? Would you accept it as a fact or would you rise up to the challenge and find a solution? Read on for an inspiring story of commitment and dedication from WFP's team in Afghanistan.

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3 December 2012

Why WFP Has Recruited A Weather Forecaster

For WFP, working in numerous places where the weather can be a challenge, having accurate information about what to expect means  staff can plan operations better. It can save time, money and even lives. That’s why WFP has just recruited Emily Niebuhr, an expert in “extreme weather”.

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21 November 2012

E-Consultation To Shape Fight Against Hunger After 2015

As the target date nears for the Millennium Development Goals, the UN food agencies and their partners want to hear from you on how best to tackle hunger and malnutrition after 2015. For the next four weeks, an online e-Consultation will allow practitioners and supporters alike the chance to weigh in on the future of the fight to end hunger.

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8 November 2012

Darfur Women Graduate From Safe Stoves Project

A group of women in Darfur say they’re ready to move beyond food assistance thanks to a set of skills they’ve learned through a WFP-supported project that teaches women in the troubled region how to make their own fuel-efficient cook stoves.

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30 October 2012

Disaster Simulation Readies Telecomms Team For Emergencies

An immersive disaster simulation in Germany recently put the skills of an emergency telecoms team to the test with many of the same hazards and dilemmas that await them in the field. Armed militants and angry mobs were just a few of the scenarios participants had to negotiate in the process of setting up telecoms services for an emergency response.

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5 October 2012

Online Hazards Platform Gets Major Revamp

An update to HEWSweb, an online natural hazards platform, brings some major improvements to users who rely on the service for real-time information on emergencies like earthquakes and floods. Pages compiling historical data and key statistics for individual countries and each kind of disaster are a few of the platform’s new features.

5 October 2012

Sahel Crisis: WFP Nutritionists Answer 5 Questions

This year’s hunger crisis in the Sahel brought with it a strong risk that many children would fall into malnutrition – the effects of which can be irreversible. In this Q&A, our West Africa team of nutritionists explain what WFP’s response has been and talk about some of the challenges faced.
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27 September 2012

Weather Forecaster Helps Aid Workers Plan Ahead

Knowing whether it will rain or shine can make a huge difference for aid workers who frequently have to make decisions based on the weather. After a successful pilot project in South Sudan, WFP is bringing in a professional meteorologist for the first time who will work with the agency’s emergency preparedness team.


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