Aid professionals
17 October 2011

What Do ICT Technicians And Usain Bolt Have In Common?

Somalia is one of the toughest places to work for a humanitarian worker. Security considerations affect everything – even getting an email system set up. Amos Mwea describes the challenges he faces installing a satellite dish at Mogadishu’s seaport.

Focus on Women
24 August 2011

WFP Women Leaders: Nancy Roman

Nancy Roman worked in journalism, in business, on Wall Street and in the non-profit sector before joining WFP in 2007. She is convinced that her multifaceted career before WFP prepared her well for the role of director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Sector Partnerships. In particular it has helped her develop WFP's work with the private sector.

18 August 2011

Former Refugee Now An Aid Worker Helping The Hungry In Ethiopia

Fethi Mohammed knows what it's like to be a refugee. When he was young, his family fled from political turmoil in Ethiopia. Today, he's back in his native country delivering food to those in need.

Aid professionals
10 June 2011

Swiss Re joins WFP and Oxfam America in the R4 Initiative

Leading insurance company Swiss Re has joined WFP and Oxfam America in a strategic collaboration to link community disaster risk reduction with the benefits of financial tools like insurance and credit allowing poor households to invest in their future knowing that it will be protected when a drought or flood hits.

Aid professionals
19 May 2011

Vouchers Keep Food Moving Despite Syrian Unrest

The coastal town of Lattakia, in Syria, is home to thousands of Iraqi refugees, many of whom receive food aid through WFP’s new Electronic Voucher System (EVS). In recent weeks, Syria has also been home to an escalating wave of civil unrest. And yet, despite all the chaos, the system has continued to work.

Aid professionals
12 May 2011

On The Frontlines: Emergency Comms Expert Mick Eccles

From weathering mortar attacks in Somalia to navigating the conflict zone in Afghanistan, Mick Eccles' job training emergency radio operators is anything but boring. But there’s more than just radios to this bearded aid worker, whose casual manner and love of roses have won him friends around the world.

30 March 2011

WFP In North Africa: Building The Communications Links

WFP's rapid response ICT teams are playing a critical role in ensuring that telecommunications are up and running to respond to the North Africa crisis. For IT assistant Hossam Metwally, the long days have paid off: he is seeing first-hand the importance of building the communications framework needed to deliver food aid.

24 March 2011

Ex-Child Soldier Keeps Food Aid Moving In South Sudan

Not too long ago, Mark Diang was a child soldier in southern Sudan. Thankfully, he managed to leave that life behind and he now works for WFP as a security assistant. He recently received a special award from WFP for his critical role in negotiating safe passage for urgent food aid along a dangerous river route.

Responding to Emergencies
16 March 2011

WFP Launches Redesigned Humanitarian Early Warning Service

WFP has launched a completely revamped specialist website – the Humanitarian Early Warning Service – providing up-to-the-minute information on natural hazards around the world. As world attention focused on earthquake-stricken Japan in recent days, thousands of users downloaded maps and consulted quake reports.

Aid professionals
9 March 2011

'School Feeding Is A Safety Net In Times Of Crisis'

During times of vulnerability, keeping kids in school is an important part of society’s response, says Donald Bundy from the Human Development Network of the World Bank. Bundy, who spoke to WFP while attending a seminar in Rome earlier this month, said the financial and food price crisis of 2008 highlighted the value of school meals programmes.


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