Aid professionals
14 April 2010

Burundi: Wireless System Keeps Tabs On Hunger

WFP is taking advantage of Burundi's new wireless network to ensure it always knows how people are eating, how much they pay for food and where potential pockets of hunger are developing. Staff on fact-finding missions update the central database with palm computers.

Aid professionals
6 April 2010

New Website Reaches Out To Arabic Speakers

WFP’s revamped Arabic language website offers a host of new features to help raise awareness about the fight against hunger among the world’s over 200 million Arabic speakers. The site will help generate support for food aid in the Muslim world.

Focus on Women
19 March 2010

Government of Japan to Support Healthcare Workers and Child Nutrition

New Delhi - WFP welcomes Friday a US$750,000 donation from the Government of Japan to support a comprehensive strategy to train woman in Madhya Pradesh to play an active role in delivering healthcare services and improving ...
25 February 2010

WFP To Bolster Rapid Response In Asia

WFP is setting up Asia’s first Humanitarian Response Depot in Malaysia in order to bolster the humanitarian community’s ability to respond rapidly to emergencies across the continent. Asia is home to more recurring natural disasters than anywhere else in the world.

15 February 2010

Haiti: Peanut Paste Fights Malnutrition In Camps

Alongside general food distributions which have now reached more than 2.5 million people since the earthquake, WFP has started a nutrition drive. We are delivering specialised food to prevent malnutrition to 53,000 children under five and 16,000 pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.

Aid professionals
11 February 2010

"New Population Bomb"

In the January/February edition of Foreign Affairs, Jack Goldstone writes a compelling piece on demographic trends,  which all have implications on global hunger and how we address it. 

Responding to Emergencies
11 February 2010

"I Was Nervous At What I Would Find In Haiti"

WFP's Marcus Prior flew to Haiti soon after the earthquake to head up the public information team there. Since arriving he has followed every stage in the development of the emergency operation. A month after the devastating earthquake, he shares his personal reflections on the country and the humanitarian operation.

Aid professionals
8 February 2010

WFP's Emergency Veteran Tapped For Deputy Executive Director Slot

Ramiro Lopes da Silva of Portugal, a veteran of key WFP emergency operations around the world, is to take over as the organization's Deputy Executive Director of External Relations, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran announced to the agency's executive board on Monday.

Cash and Vouchers
26 January 2010

Zambia: New Scratch Cards Streamline Flow Of Rations

For Zambia’s poor, collecting precious food rations often involves a long trek to a central distribution point and then a long walk back with a heavy load. But now, WFP is using scratch cards and cell phones to allow beneficiaries to choose when and where to pick up their food.

Responding to Emergencies
21 January 2010

Haiti: Eyes In The Sky Guide Relief Work

When a disaster strikes, humanitarian agencies like WFP need information more than anything else. They need a clear picture of the damage to roads and bridges, for example, to be able to respond fast. A new set of satellite maps produced by WFP helps provide this information.


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