"Field Work Is Invaluable": A WFP Staffer Fights Hunger In Burkina Faso

Peter Jourdan works for WFP in Burkina Faso. A Norwegian, he is part of a programme which provides work experience and training opportunities for young professionals. In this article, Peter reflects on the joys and challenges of his work in West Africa. Read more




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P4P triggers further investments in food quality and safety

Procurement from P4P-supported smallholder farmers has played an integral role in changing the way WFP approaches food quality and safety. These purchases have illustrated the importance of addressing the root causes of quality issues through prevention and early detection, and have enabled WFP to take a leading role in advocating for better food quality standards.

P4P Procurement Update

Preliminary procurement figures from the P4P pilot treatment period (September 2008 – December 2013) are now available, showing that WFP has contracted over 430,000 metric tons (mt) of commodities at a value exceeding US$ 167 million. Smallholders have also been successfully connected to sustainable markets, having sold over 200,000 mt of commodities to markets beyond WFP.

P4P West Africa: Boosting smallholders’ sales of local bean

In West Africa, P4P is working closely with partners to develop the capacity of smallholder farmers to produce a protein- and nutrient-rich crop called niébé (cowpeas/black-eyed peas).  Through training as well as the provision of equipment and improved seeds, P4P has helped smallholders engage in collective sales and access new markets, opening up opportunities for farmers—especially women—across the region.

Call for a post-pilot phase in Latin America

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) works with P4P in Latin America, providing technical cooperation, innovation and specialized knowledge to improve smallholder agriculture. In this blog, Miguel Garcia, Head of Agribusiness and Commercialization at IICA, shares his hopes for the future scale-up of P4P in the region.

Spotlight on P4P in Tanzania

In Tanzania, P4P-supported Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) have been successfully linked to sustainable markets such as the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA). Although SACCOs have sold over 5,000 metric tons of quality crops to markets beyond WFP, challenges remain to further encourage buyers to purchase from smallholders. Read the P4P in Tanzania fact sheet to learn more.

From food beneficiaries to food suppliers

In Kenya, the P4P pilot has enabled a remarkable transformation of WFP’s support to HIV/AIDS-affected farmers. By further developing WFP’s partnership with the health sector organization AMPATH, the project has combined medical treatment for HIV/AIDS-affected smallholders with capacity development and organizational support. Now, farmers who were once recipients of food assistance are increasingly supplying food for themselves and the market.

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