WFP Staff In Ecuador And Colombia Share Experiences Of Assisting Refugees

Ecuador hosts the largest recognized refugee population in the region due to the large numbers of Colombians fleeing violence. WFP works with the governments of Ecuador and Colombia to provide food assistance to these people living along the border. Recently WFP staff working in Colombia met with WFP staff in Ecuador to exchange experiences on how to improve food and nutrition security to help displaced people and refugees rebuild their lives. Read more




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Fighting malaria with your cell phone?

Chances are, you might have seen this symbol before. --->

Spotlight on P4P in Uganda

P4P in Uganda has supported infrastructure improvements that successfully facilitated smallholders’ aggregation of commodities and collective sales. Meanwhile, many challenges remain, especially related to crop quality and standards. Read the P4P in Uganda fact sheet to learn more.

Beyond beneficiary numbers: Unlocking the potential of women farmers

After five years of piloting smallholder-friendly procurement models in 20 developing countries, Purchase for Progress (P4P) has released a new report about its experience of how market development can (and cannot) promote women’s empowerment. 

How Can Reducing Post-Harvest Losses Support Food Security?

Ask Simon Costa, the Project Manager for a new WFP Special Operation aimed at reducing post-harvest losses in Uganda and Burkina Faso. With the right tools and donor support, he’s confident post-harvest losses can be greatly reduced in our lifetimes.

P4P DRC: Rebuilding infrastructure to link smallholders to markets

In Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), P4P has explored how infrastructure improvements can catalyse agricultural development. Nearly 200 km of rural farm to market roads have been rehabilitated in partnership with the government, FAO and UNOPS. This project, combined with community-led maintenance on another 300 km of rural roads, has successfully linked previously-isolated farmers to traders and more profitable markets.

WFP scaling up successful post-harvest programme for smallholder farmers

A recently completed trial reveals how P4P-supported smallholder farmers drastically reduced their post-harvest losses, losing less than two percent of their harvest over three months of storage. WFP is now planning to scale up the successful initiative with a project that aims to reach 41,000 farming households in Burkina Faso and Uganda. By receiving specialized training and investing in subsidised storage equipment, these farmers are expected to substantially reduce their post-harvest losses and thereby also increase their surplus and sales.

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