Bringing Together Students From Around The World For One Incredible Class Debate

Back in July, when BBC World Class launched a new video featuring the WFP school meals programme in Nepal, they hosted a live blog to bring together students from around the world for a vibrant discussion on what inspires them. Students from the school in Nepal featured in the video joined students who also receive WFP meals at Makina Self-Help Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya – along with students from the UK, Ukraine, India, Nepal, and South Africa to discuss how good nutrition helps them achieve their dreams.

We recently spoke with some of the students who took part in the debate to hear how the conversation inspired them. Here’s what they had to say.
 “It was exciting to have a chanstudents in the UKce to share ideas with students in other countries. I told them I’m glad to get school meals because they help me concentrate in class and that education is the key to success” - Volen Anyango  (15 years old) from Makina Self-Help School Nairobi
“I didn’t know children at other schools lived the way they do before the BBC chat. It was really interesting to talk to students from places like Kenya, Mexico and Nepal. It just shows that we all live in our own little bubble until something like this opens your eyes to what people in the world have to face day in and day out.” - Lakeisha (Yr9) from Bedford Academy School

 “It made me realise how much food we actually have - and how little we share it.” - Connor Ryan (Yr 7) from Fairlands School
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