In Germany, Fourmilliononehundredninetyfourthousandonehundredninety grains of rice

As school classes across Germany and Austria came together for a friendly Freerice competition, there were many exciting head-to-head races. In the end, the students raised over four million grains of rice to help WFP feed hungry people. One school proved invincible, but the real victory was collective: making an impact in the fight against hunger.

From the beginning of the WFP-Freerice Competition in Germany and Austria, the students had two major goals: help hungry people in developing countries and win a visit to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) office in Berlin.

The 10A of the Hartmanni-Gymnasium Eppingen (a high school close to Stuttgart, Germany) was very motivated right form the start. Their English teacher Patrick Vollmer came up with the idea of participating in the WFP-Freerice School Competition. He’s been an enthusiastic supporter of the game as an educational tool for years because it helps his students test their knowledge not just on traditional academic subjects like geography or chemistry – but also English, Spanish, and French vocabulary. 

Sometimes during class, sometimes at home, and even during their breaks at school, that is what the students from Eppingen did: they raised grains of rice while sharpening their academic skills on Freerice.

After weeks of an exciting and close competition, the students at Eppingen proved invincible and were declared the winners. They raised an impressive 4,194,190 grains of rice, enough rice for more than 220 WFP school meals; the clear victory was the incredible difference they made in the fight against hunger. As a prize, they won a class trip to the WFP office in Berlin

 “It is great to win together as a class and at the same time know that you support people in need with rice,” one of the winning students said enthusiastically during her classes’ visit to the WFP office in Berlin.

Many other classes were also rewarded for their engaged efforts: the second and the third place winners  from the Unesco Nelson-Mandela-School Dierdorf and the International Integrated School Heidelberg won a class trip to the Europa-Park Rust, the largest German theme park.
This year, the WFP-Freerice school competition was also supported again by pop star and WFP Ambassador against Hunger DJ Bobo, who invited the most involved classes to concerts of his current “Viva las Vegas” tour.

“Freerice is a great tool. Children learn by playing it and at the same time they do good for the poorest people in the world, the ones suffering from hunger,” says DJ Bobo.

We thank all of the classes who participated for a great 2012 competition!