A Peek Inside The World's Classrooms

WFP distributes food in schools around the world, helping students get the food they need to stay healthy. These photos show some of the teachers, like this one in Niger, helping them focus on their education. (Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud)
No matter the location, there are teachers across the world helping students get an education and prepare for their futures. Here is a snapshot of some schools in the developing world where teachers are making a positive impact on their students’ lives—and where WFP provides students with what is sometimes their only food for the day, called “school meals.”




This teacher in Panjshir Province talks to his young students. They receive locally-produced High-Energy Biscuits and fortified vegetable oil as part of WFP’s school meals programme. (Photo: WFP/Habib Rahman, May 2013)


At Udassa Repi Elementary School, a teacher reviews a lesson and a student practices what he’s learned. WFP school meals are served to students here, promoting higher attendance.  (Photo: WFP/Kiyori Ueno,  25 November 2013)


A teacher at the Ecole Rosalie Javouhey school in Port-Au-Prince hands her students daily school meals provided by WFP.  (Photo: WFP/David Orr,  November 2010)


There are two schools at Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees. WFP provides snacks, usually date bars, for children who attend class each day. (Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud, 15 April 2013)


Student performance at the Dalaweye Primary School dramatically improved when the government introduced WFP school meals in 2006. When these photos were taken in 2012, the school had maintained a 100 percent pass rate on the final exam for four years straight. (Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud, 9 May 2012)