Join Caroline In Making A Difference on Hunger With Social Media This Month

Meet Caroline, our online intern this month. She’s a law student at the University of Liverpool in the U.K. training to be a lawyer who can really make a difference in the lives of the people she meets. Here’s how she hopes to raise awareness about hunger online and in her community – and how you can help.

What motivated you to be an online intern?
I’m an avid user of Facebook and Twitter, and I gradually became aware of the influence of such online platforms in spreading messages and advocating different ideas. Besides, as an international student from Hong Kong studying here in Liverpool, I have social circles in both Asia and Europe. I believe I have the responsibility as a global citizen to help fight hunger.

What inspires you to get involved in the fight against hunger?
I believe that the right to having enough food is a fundamental one. Without sufficient food, a person cannot even think about their dreams; this definitely crushes the powerful imaginations of young kids.
Moreover, I think hunger is a problem that can be solved by international efforts.

How do you think students can use social media for social change?
Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular online platform of social media channels. Given the global reach of Facebook, students who have Facebook accounts can utilize its many tools – such as pages, groups and events -- to promote ideas about social change. Since Twitter demands shorter posts, it’s a great tool for students to highlight important ideas.

Why are you interested in WFP and the work we do around the world?
As a United Nations agency and the largest humanitarian organization in the world working against hunger, WFP is in a place to make real change on hunger.  In this light, spreading awareness with WFP helps me reach the greatest audience possible with the message about how together we can make a difference on hunger.

What are your hopes for the future?
As an aspiring lawyer in the field of dispute resolution, I hope to see a society in which people will be able to enjoy greater equality and opportunities regardless of their backgrounds and ethnicities. Such a world would also help solve hunger, since global inequality accentuates the challenge of hunger.