Join Lim In Changing The World With Social Media This Month

Welcome to June! It’s a new month and that means we have a new online intern tapping into his networks to change the world. Meet Lim – a global citizen who calls Malaysia home but studies in London. He’s excited to share his international perspective, passion for refugee issues, and energy to get young people around the world talking about how together we can solve hunger.

What do you hope to accomplish this month with you online internship?
This month’s internship coincides with World Refugee Day held annually to publicize the plight of refugees around the world. Given the close relation between refugees and world hunger, I was hoping that this online internship would give me the platform to show the diverse impact of WFP’s work and the reasons to support it.

Why did you apply to be an online intern?
I would like to try to counter the apathy towards humanitarian work prevalent in the Asian youth community. WFP doesn’t get a lot of play in Asian schools. This eventually introduces an absence of interest in humanitarianism among Asian youth.  I was hoping to counter this trend via my online internship with WFP Students.

Why are you interested in WFP and the work we do around the world?
I believe that the WFP’s work is one of the most successful humanitarian efforts against world hunger that we have seen to date. Thus far, the WFP has allowed the UN to respond quickly to food crises around the world. However, its real impact lies in its focus on delivering long-term change in affected areas creating sustainable solutions to one of the world’s greatest problems.

How do you think students can use social media for social change?
Every day, I see myriad articles shared on my Facebook page linked to news agencies. It goes to show that social media gives authors a wide readership which I believe gives humanitarian agencies excellent publicity as exemplified by the Earth Hour campaign. The successes of such events are mostly attributed to the effective outreach resulting from social media campaigns.

What are your hopes for the future?
My hope is for students to understand the issues behind humanitarian efforts.