More Food Security Info On WFP Website

We have just expanded the Food Security Analysis section of to include more of our data on food prices and purchasing power. We’ve also re-arranged things so that all relevant data - including assessment reports – can be found on the relevant country page.

ROME – If you’re looking for detailed information on food security in the countries where WFP works, then you should check out the ‘Food Security’ tab that now appears on this website’s country pages. 

Clicking on this new tab takes you to an overview of that country’s food security situation. Using the navigation buttons on the right you can also access sections providing detailed food price data, information about family purchasing power (not all country pages have this) and access to all available assessment reports concerning your chosen country.

Food price data is available for recent quarters, months, and years. You can choose to view it in graph form according to country, market, commodity, and time period. 

All of the information above can also be accessed by going to the main Food Security Analysis page.