New Logistics Section Launched On WFP Website

The new Logistics section is now up and running on! In addition to a global overview of WFP’s logistics operations, there is all sorts of information for our humanitarian partners and workers, donors, and those of you who are interested in hearing more about Logistics around the globe.
There is a little something for everyone. Check it out! 
Are you interested in Logistics? That’s great! Please check out our pages where we introduce our air, land and sea operations, as well as the Logistics Cluster and UNHRD. Our introductory logistics video, the logistics blog, and photo galleries are also a great way to see Logistics in action. 
If you’re an aid worker, you will find:
• Key operational details such as UNHAS flight schedules and routes, how to book a flight, etc. 
• Information + who to contact for trainings offered by WFP Logistics to the humanitarian community, such as emergency response simulations
For NGO partners and UN agencies:
• Guidance and contact information for how to request our logistics services, whether it be via air, land or sea
• Information on how to access the services of the Logistics Cluster and UNHRD 
Donors can access:
• A selection of key logistics projects around the world, including an overview of the operations, as well as funding backgrounders 
If you’re looking to be better informed about how we work with partners, you will find an introduction to some of our technical partnerships with private sector companies, academic institutions and stand-by partners – and how their support and expertise help us to advance our operations, both in terms of efficiency and speed. 
If there is something necessary that you feel is missing, please write to us at