PAA Africa learning component is launched in Brasilia

Inception Workshop on promotion of cooperation and lesson learning in Food Security and Food Purchase Programme in Africa starts today

Brasilia - Under the learning component of the PAA Africa Programme (Purchase from Africans for Africa), the government of Brazil (CGFome and Ministry of Social Development), WFP Centre of Excellence and FAO Brazil – with support from DFID – are organizing the Inception Workshop this week in Brasília and Alagoas State. From 2 to 6 July, consultants and representatives of WFP COs (including P4P), FAO COs, and governments from Ethiopia, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique and Senegal will exchange experiences in food and nutrition security.

Besides presenting the Brazilian experiences, the workshop is an attempt to bring the diverse African views, expectations, challenges and initiatives in promoting the Human Right to Adequate Food, and discussing potential ways forward for the implementation of local food purchase programmes.

PAA Africa is a project which draws on the expertise accumulated by Brazil in its own food purchasing programme. Carried out by FAO and WFP, the project extends financing for food purchases to five African countries (above mentioned) aiming to benefit small farmers and vulnerable populations. Learn more through PAA Africa Multidimensional Approach to Food Security - article prepared by WFP Centre Darana Souza and FAO Brazil Israel Klug -featured in the new UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth's publication: The Role of South-South Cooperation in Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Development.