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Published on 14 December 2012

WFP Centre of Excellence promotes a new generation of sustainable school feeding programmes, such as the Brazilian School Feeding Programme (PNAE) that provides meals purchased from smallholder farmers. WFP/Vinicius Limongi

2013 Global Child Nutrition Forum (GCNF) to take place May 20-24

The 15th annual Global Child Nutrition Forum (GCNF) will be held in Bahia, Brazil between May 20-24 2013. The event will bring public and private sectors together to discuss school feeding programmes as a national investment as well as its impacts on social and economic development. The Forum aims to promote policy dialogue among different stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of sustainable school feeding programmes.

The 2013 GCNF is being organised by WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger and the Global Child Nutrition Foundation.


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