School feeding policies help strengthen cooperation among Latin American countries

Brasilia - A high-level delegation from Mexico's government to visit Brazil for exchange on school feeding initiatives between August 6th and 10th.

The mission, composed of representatives from the Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (SNDIF), will start with a field trip to Natal, Brazil northeast region, followed by an official agenda with Brazilian authorities in Brasilia.

The delegation will participated in a series of learning sessions, presentations and visit to public schools with the aim of fostering knowledge exchanges around successful policy interventions aimed at reducing food insecurity and tackling extreme poverty via school feeding programmes. Under the Mexican government and WFP Regional Bureau requests, WFP Centre of Excellence is providing logistical and working on a multi-stakeholders coordination.

South-South policy dialogue on social protection

The Mexican mission is also interested in the multi-sectoral approach behind Hunger Zero Strategy. Created by former Lula’s Government in 2003, the Zero Hunger Strategy is an umbrella plan comprising of a variety of safety net and social protection programmes tailored to the needs of different segments of the population.

The initiative has a strong focus on food and nutritional security, which consists of more than 20 programmes in four axes of intervention. Its creation was a milestone in the recognition of food and nutrition as a leading and cross-cutting priority on the political agenda. Zero Hunger is a combination of continuity and innovation. On the one hand it introduced major programmes such as the Bolsa Família, a conditional cash transfer scheme. On the other, it incorporated a range of existing initiatives in an effort to put together a multi-sector array of public interventions to tackle hunger and guarantee universal access to quality food, such as the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE) with its linkages to family agriculture.