Top 5 Resources For Students Raising Awareness About Global Hunger

As an advocate on hunger issues at her university in the United States, our July online intern Cathy knows that figuring out a way to solve hunger from your campus can be a challenging – and daunting – task.  Here she shares with you her favourite resources and tools she uses to be a more effective leader getting her peers involved in the fight against hunger.

1) Check the WFP Hunger Feed
Here you can find all of the latest news, photos and videos from regions where WFP works and learn about the challenges faced by the people they help. You can use this fantastic resource to not only learn all about hunger, but also keep current on places and people that experience hunger as a result of emergencies, natural disasters, or food insecurity. Check the hunger feed when you have time to read the best stories from both WFP and other media outlets.
2) Hunger 101
This one-stop hub provides you with the most valuable information WFP has to offer about what hunger is, who it affects, WFP programs, and how YOU can help make a difference! If you go through this page before your event or at your leisure, you’ll go from hunger novice to hunger guru.
3) Solving Hunger
This page is all about why hunger is 100% solvable and ways you can be at the forefront of solving it. It’s the perfect flyer to hand out at an event or link to from your social media accounts. It even provides a short and inspirational video showcasing why hunger is solvable that you can show at a meeting or share with your online networks!
4) Get Involved!
This page provides you with a variety of ways you and your community can help WFP! We know that each community and campus is different, and this page shows you all the ways you can make difference. This resource empowers you to choose what you think will have the greatest response from your on- and offline networks.
5) Follow WFP on social media!
WFP uses social media to inform its supporters of new web content, campaigns, and its work around the world! By following WFP on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll get the latest information about ways you can help current operations and emergencies straight from your computer!