Congratulations to the Freerice "Class of the Week!"

This award was created to recognize one class' efforts to feed the world by working together and playing Freerice. Each week, one class is selected from the Freerice website based on the number of grains they have collected and the information they have provided about their group. To be eligible for the award, make sure to sign in and register your group on the Freerice website!

Congratulations to this week’s Freerice class of the week: Miss Barrett’s Class! These students at Spring Hill Elementary School in Florida have been working together as a Freerice team since October 7th. In a little over a month, this class has earned 21,710 grains of rice!  

Each week, one class is chosen as the class of the week. How could your class be THE class? Make sure you are registered as a group on Freerice! Not only will we recognize you here, but you’ll get a shout out on our Students and Teachers site too.

Keep watching for next week’s class –and keep playing, because it could be YOU!



Can we play this game in Turkish?

Hi, I am from Turkey and I need info about its Turkish version, if available. Thank you. Best regards..