Lebanese singer and "Arab knight," Assi Hillani, studied music for five years, specialising in playing the Oud, or oriental guitar. His career as a popular singer took off in 1989 when he won a televised singing competition. Since then, he has released 13 albums and become firmly established as a major star in the Middle East. Despite his soaring popularity, Hillani has remained consistently involved in humanitarian issues.

The “Arab knight” regularly performs at fund-raising concerts throughout the Middle East in support of a range of charities in the region, including the Women’s Development Association Hayati. In August 2005, Hillani added his voice to the growing roster of celebrities helping WFP raise awareness about global hunger and poverty, recording a Public Service Announcement.

One year later, Hillani used his song "Baadak Saket", or "You're Still Quiet" to highlight child hunger. The haunting lyrics tell the story of a child who cannot feed her doll because there is no food in the house. Hunger is portrayed as a "strangling monster."

"I am ready to donate my voice and popularity to the cause of fighting hunger and poverty," Assi Hillani declared.

Partner profile

Profession: singer. Major star in the Middle East.

WFP partner since: August 2005