Ambassador Against Hunger

Cape Verdian singer Cesária Évora, who died on 17 Dec 2011, was one of the greatest living African vocalists. Often called the "Barefoot Diva," she made her first record in Paris in 1988 at the age of 47.

Her smooth, soulful voice rapidly won her fans all around the world, and after five nominations she won a Grammy award in 2004 for her album “Voz D’Amor.”

Évora had long campaigned on behalf of underprivileged women and children in her home country, and was known as the “Barefoot Diva” because of her preference for appearing on stage barefoot to show support for the poor of Cape Verde.

As a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, Évora dedicated one of the songs on her album “Mar de Canal” to the organization and its work. In December 2003, she gave a concert in Rome to support WFP's School Feeding programme, which at the time provided free school meals for over 100,000 children in Cape Verde.

After more than 30 years of collaboration with WFP, the government of Cape Verde took full ownership of its national school meals programme in 2010, setting an example for many other developing countries to follow.

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Profession: singer. Won a Grammy award in 2004 for her album "Voz D'Amor".

WFP partner since: July 2003