A five-time Grammy Award winning American singer-songwriter and TV personality, Ms. Aguilera has sold 50 million albums and 52 million singles. After being appointed Global Ambassador Against Hunger since 2010, Aguilera has visited WFP operations in Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, Ecuador and uses her immense following on social media to advocate seek support for WFP. 

Since 2009, she has also served as global spokesperson for Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief campaign. In this capacity, Ms. Aguilera has starred in PSAs that raise awareness for the Yum! Brands-WFP partnership and helped raised raise for WFP school meals. In 2012, she was presented an award that exempliefied her strong commitment to ending world hunger. She also received a Special Achievement Award for her work to end global hunger in her role as global spokesperson for YUM! Brands World Hunger Relief and as Global Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme.


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Had the pleasure of sharing my work with the WFP with @todayshow’s @nmoralesnbc which will air tomorrow

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