A native of Switzerland, DJ BoBo is a platinum award winning popstar well-known for interweaving rap music and dance. His unique mix of the two genres has resulted in hit singles such as, “Somebody Dance With Me”, “Keep On Dancing”, “Everybody” and “Chihuahua”. DJ BoBo has sold 14 million records worldwide and received numerous awards throughout his music career such as, “World Music Awards”, the “BRAVO Otto”, and “Best Singer”.

Since his appointment as National Ambassador in 2006, DJ BoBo has conducted several visits to refugee camps, WFP mother and child programmes as well as development programmes in Ethiopia and Kenya. He highlights WFP in videos, brochures and flyers during his concerts, records public service announcements, organizes charity events and conducts media interviews. DJ BoBo frequently supports WFP on his social and digital media channels and is active in fundraising for WFP.

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