Howard G. Buffett

Howard Buffett has made his name as both an environmentalist and humanitarian and has gained a distinguished reputation in the world of philanthropy.

Buffett is passionate about helping address hunger around the world, and it is this passion that has taken him to see WFP projects in 20 countries including Malawi, Tajikistan, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Afghanistan.

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WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, Howard G Buffett, has travelled to more than 104 countries and visited WFP operations in at least 25 countries to document the fragility of the human condition. Click here to see how he portrays the enduring and courageous nature of the human spirit. Watch video

Maybe it was his childhood spent in the US farming state of Nebraska that led Buffett to become a champion of sustainable farming techniques in poor countries.

Part of his work has included the development of virus-resistant sweet potatoes, subsistence farming techniques and clean-water delivery systems.

He has written six books and numerous articles on subjects such as conservation and wildlife. He has travelled the world to document the challenges of preserving biodiversity and providing adequate resources to support human demands.

Buffett heads the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, a private foundation that primarily supports humanitarian activities.

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Profession: Buffett is on the board of a number of companies including Berkshire Hathaway, an investment holding company, Coca-Cola and Lindsay, and spends the majority of his time operating the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, a private foundation that primarily supports development and humanitarian initiatives.

WFP Ambassador since: October 2007.