A native of China, Mr. Li Ning is considered the “Prince of Gymnastics”. He was the most decorated Chinese athlete at the first Olympics that China participated in after 1949. During his sports career, Li Ning was appointed as the first Chinese “WFP Ambassador Against Hunger” in 2009.had won as many as 11 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, making him a legendary figure in China’s gymnastic history. After retiring, he founded the national famous sportswear company Li-Ning and became an influential entrepreneur in China.

As an Ambassador, Mr. Li Ning has been actively devoting himself to supporting WFP’s work. In 2008, as a special envoy Mr. Li joined a delegation from the Government of China to deliver US $1 million worth of food assistance to mothers, orphans and other people infected with HIV or tuberculosis in the Kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. In 2009, Mr. Li Ning helped to distribute China’s food assistance to poor women and WFP biscuits to children in Bangladesh. On January 2010, Li Ning donated one million yuan to WFP, helping pay for five humanitarian flights carrying food and other supplies for 2 million earthquake victims in Haiti. In addition, Li Ning visited schools and a Maternal Child Health Distribution Centre in Cambodia, where WFP food assistance is helping improve nutrition for vulnerable people, especially mothers and young children. As an athlete and father, Mr. Li particularly understands the importance of good nutrition for healthy growth, and will continue to work with WFP to raise awareness among his followers and let them spread the message that reaching zero hunger is an achievable target and the right target for our times.