A native of Italy, Ms.Cucinotta, is a highly recongized Sicilian actress who rose to international fame when she starred in the 1994 Oscar-nominated film - Il Postino. She also starred in movies such as, The World Is Not Enough, and Picking up the Pieces alongside Oscar Award winner, Woody Allen. 

Cucinotta was officially named National Ambassador Against Hunger at the official launch of the 2006 edition of Walk the World. Cucinotta's appointment followed her efforts to help raise awareness for WFO. In 2004, she recorded a Public Service Announcement for WFP and also addressed the 2004 European Film Awards in Barcelona about WFP's efforts to fight hunger in war-torn Darfur.

"Working side by side with WFP has taught me that each one of us can make a difference," said Cucinotta after being appointed a WFP Ambassador. "Indifference is the worst enemy of the fight against hunger."

Maria Grazia Cucinotta was also one of the producers of the Italian project, All the Invisible Children, a film made by MK Film Productions that focuses attention on the millions of children and adolescents whose rights are denied by exploitation and war. Put together by eight top directors, proceeds from the initiative went to WFP and UNICEF.

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