Mr. Bakker is a distinguished business leader who serves as the President of the World Buisness Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva, Switzerland. As former CEO of global transport giant TNT, Mr. Bakker, spearheaded an eight-year partnership with WFP. He has contributed money, skills and precious logistics support to the fight against hunger.

Since 2003, TNT has given $83 million worth of support to WFP, including cash, in-kind contributions such as air lifts, and the deployment of expert staff to the field to help streamline food transport operations. TNT has deployed 12 airplanes to delivery emergency food in Haiti, Pakistan and Philippines, and 67 TNT staff have been trained to perform highly-qualified tasks within the Logistics Emergency Team.

Thanks to Mr. Bakker's support,  TNT’s employees around the world have raised $22 million for school feeding all on their own steam, in hundreds of creative ways – through sponsored events such as “Walk the World”, bake sales, producing a cookbook and sponsored fun-runs.