Centre of Excellence against Hunger

Centre of Excellence against Hunger
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The WFP Centre of Excellence is slated to become a global reference and source of expertise on all aspects of school feeding.”

The Centre of Excellence against Hunger is a global forum for South-South policy dialogue and learning on school feeding and food and nutritional security programmes. The Centre of Excellence, a partnership between the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Government of Brazil, was created in 2011 to support Governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the development of sustainable solutions against hunger, by means of a Programme for Capacity Development.

Annual Report 2013

The Annual Report 2013 presents the main activities and results of the Centre in 2013 and highlights: from the 23 countries that have already undertaken study visits, 13 are at different stages of preparation and approval of their own policies and programmes of school feeding and nutritional security. Available in English, Portuguese, and French. Download it here.

The Centre provides advice on policies and programmes, technical assistance, and opportunities, and it brings together nations of the southern hemisphere and helps them develop their own programmes to fight hunger and poverty. That is possible thanks to the combination of more than 50 years of work of the WFP in actions to fight hunger in the whole world with the successful experiences of the Brazilian Government in the elaboration and implementation of effective and sustainable programmes for the promotion of food and nutritional security and overcoming of poverty, mainly through school feeding.

Main results:

64 countries engaged
29 countries participated in study visits
174 members of governments, 18 ministers, 1 president, 2 first ladies, and 62 members of WFP participated in the study visits
6 countries had national consultations on home-grown school feeding policies and programmes 
6 countries received technical missions