El Salvador mission on Brazilian food and nutrition security programmes

Delegation from El Salvador takes part in a study visit to Brasilia on February 18th-22nd. The mission was hosted by WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger.

Brasilia - The objective of the technical mission is to gain in-depth understanding on the Brazilian successful “Zero Hunger” Strategy. Other key processes involved in designing and transition to a sustainable school meals programme and its linkages with smallholder agriculture were also included in the agenda. The delegation is composed of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, National Council on Food Security and Nutrition (CONASAN), the National School Feeding Programe and WFP Country Office.

The delegation had the opportunity to meet with Brazilian authorities, Oxfam International representatives, and have first hand experiences on the Zero Hunger Programme. On the end of the visit, the delegation agreed on an action plan that highlights the importance of engaging three different ministries – Health, Education and Agriculture – in the design and implementation of school feeding and smallholder agriculture policies. Other aspects of the National Council on Food Security and Nutrition (CONASAN)’s strategic plan were debated, such as strengthening instructional capacities and technical assistance through a renewed MOU between government and WFP. To see more photos please visit our online gallery.

"We have identified many points of potential collaboration with the Government of Brazil and WFP Centre of Excellence in order to improve and integrate El Salvador´s food and nutrition security programmes”, says Ana Daysi Cardoza de Marquez, Executive Director of CONASAN.

WFP Centre of Excellence has been organizing policy sessions and meetings with authorities as well as local field trips to facilitate the delegation's learning around Brazil´s social protection framework. Over the past years, WFP and Government of El Salvador have been working closely to strengthen CONASAN’s institutional capacities in food and nutrition security policies. In this context, the Government of Brazil and the Centre of Excellence are important partners to promote south–south cooperation and capacity development in poverty reduction programmes. In this photo: During 2011 and 2012 Brazil has donated 2,500 MT of rice and beans (or $1,510,017 USD), with twinning support to cover associated costs from Australia, to WFP El Salvador's projects.