‘Can we feed the world?’: A conversation with Sir Gordon Conway

Published on 03 April 2013

In a world where per capita income is on the increase, consumer spending and dietary habits are leading to a growing demand for livestock products, and climate change is resulting in more extreme meteorological events, the answer perhaps lies in sustainable agriculture: “That is an agriculture where the productivity is high, the stability is high, the resilience is high and the equity is also high. How do we get that?” By investing in innovation, markets, people and through political leadership, he asserts. (..) In part, they (FAO and the World Food Programme) can do some of the work but they also have the technical expertise. So, it’s a mixture from the FAO, from IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development, from World Food Program — it’s partly a mixture of doing some of the work themselves, but also providing the right kind of technical expertise.

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