Published on 21 August 2009

There are concerns over the security situation prior to the forthcoming presidential election on 20 August 2009. During the reporting period, the security situation remained extremely volatile with a significant increase in the number of incidents such as suicide attacks, ambushes, bomb explosions and other insurgency activities in the Southern and Eastern regions.

In the Northern provinces, the number of security related incidents such as improvised explosive device (IED) attempts, armed clashes and presence/infiltration of anti-government elements have dramatically increased. The primary targets have been Afghan National Police and Army and their establishments and as well high profile governmental entities.

Due to military operation in the North-west Frontier Province of Pakistan, reportedly 600 households have arrived to Spera district, Khost province Afghanistan, of which most of them are Pakistani nationals.

As a result of ongoing military operation in Bargi Matal district of Nuristan province Eastern region, around 160 families have been displaced. WFP also plans to deliver 56 mt of emergency food to these displaced families.