Published on 18 June 2009

On 2 June, the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock and FAO jointly projected a bumper wheat harvest for 2009, which is 63 percent higher than last year’s. Wheat harvest this year will be record high for the past 32 years if the projection proves to be accurate. The expected bumper wheat harvest is mainly because of good rains; other factors are a 20 percent increase in farmland devoted to wheat as a result of last year’s high food prices and the provision of seeds and fertilisers to farmers. However, the overall cereal deficit is estimated at about 200,000 mt out of a total cereal requirement of about 6.5 million mt. Through its purchase for progress (P4P) programme, WFP has a plan to procure some tonnage from the surplus areas.

WFP continues to provide emergency food assistance to flood-affected families in the North, West and East regions. Emergency food distribution (EFD) is ongoing to over 74,000 people to meet their immediate needs for one month. Furthermore, WFP has taken part in flood assessments and is planning to establish recovery food-for-work (FFW) projects to repair flood-damaged feeder roads and irrigation canals.