Aid Organizations Use Technology in Africa Development Work

Published on 16 September 2010

The U.N. World Food Program provides food to about 90 million people in 73 countries. In Burundi, the WFP is using a different technology to determine where exactly to focus their food assistance. (..) WFP-Burundi Public Information Officer Marc Neilson says in order to gauge where there is need, WFP staff go out on fact-finding missions. "So for example if you enter in a village that the government has recommended as at risk or if based on past studies you may think is at risk, you will do a study in there, and you will ask questions everything from, 'How many meals a day are you eating? How are you cooking? What do you use to cook? What kind of fuel do you have to cook? How many people are in the household?" said Neilson.

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