Archbishops launch joint appeal for aid for Zimbabweans

Published on 27 February 2009

THE ARCHBISHOPS of Canterbury and York have launched an appeal for money to help Anglican dioceses and parishes in Zimbabwe distribute food and medical aid. Half the population was now at risk of starvation, and the human itarian crisis was “at an appalling level”, Dr Williams said. The Archbishops’ joint appeal from Lambeth Palace was broadcast on the BBC News on Ash Wednes day, already designated by the Prim ates of the Anglican Communion as a day of prayer and fasting for Zimbabwe. Deaths from cholera had climbed to almost 4000 in the past couple of weeks, Dr Williams said. [...] The appeal comes as many donor countries have reduced their aid because of the political deal that has been struck. The World Food Pro gramme has consequently had to cut back its distribution to Zimbabwe, even though an estimated seven million people are at risk of starva tion. Donors wanted to see the results of the new political arrange ments before committing them selves, the Archbishops suggested.

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