Burundi: Heavy rains displace returnees, IDPs

Published on 29 April 2009

Weeks of torrential rains in and around Bujumbura have worsened living conditions for thousands of residents of an informal settlement on the outskirts of the capital, most of whom have been displaced for years. (...) On 24 April, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) distributed food relief to last the residents 10 days: each person received 22kg of maize flour, 2.5kg of beans, 1.25kg of oil and 250g of salt. Ricky Nelly Ndagano, a programme officer in charge of communication at WFP, said the agency would evaluate residents' needs. "After this first relief, we are planning to assess the needs in food and non-food items and what further assistance the organisation can bring to the Sabe destitute," she said.

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