Published on 21 August 2009

The security situation is reported to be calm but unpredictable throughout the country. However, criminality and robbery incidents still remain the main threat to humanitarian activities in eastern Chad.

General food distributions to the Central African refugees located in the Haraze transit sites (Salamat area) has been temporarily stopped due to the rains. Moving food from WFP warehouses in Haraze to the distribution sites is getting more and more difficult due to poor road conditions. WFP and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees are currently discussing with refugee leaders in order to find out a solution to these logistical constraints.

The last convoy of over 1,500 mt from Khufra destined to the northern refugee camps have been received over the past week. To date, food prepositioning to cover the five months food requirement of over 250,000 Sudanese refugees, 188,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 150,000 local populations in eastern Chad is 100 percent completed.