Congestion at Djibouti Port Makes Transport Cost Hit the Roof

Published on 09 March 2009

This is a season when a series of vessels loaded with tens of thousands of tons of aid cargo and fertilizer arrive at the Port of Djibouti all at the same time. This time around though, there are two additions to the cargo - a huge amount of cement and tens of thousand of wheat government has imported to stabilize domestic prices - contributing to what industry operators say is an already congested the port. [...] The most affected are not only businesses. Aid cargo is not flowing as much as it should, creating uncertainty about the distribution of relief inside the country. Warehouses inside the Port of Djibouti and elsewhere in the town used by the World Food Programme (WFP) are all full, observers there disclosed. This was confirmed by WFP officials in Addis. "A large quantity of WFP's food is at the port," Paulette Jones, WFP spokeswoman in Addis Abeba, was quoted by IRIN last week. "These [food] commodities are needed urgently to assist beneficiaries who are still suffering from the impact of the drought, high food prices and [low] global food stocks."

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