DJ Bobo, Swiss music artist

 As WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, DJ Bobo provides particular support to school feeding programmes. WFP provides school meals to more than 20 million children in school every year.

Ambassador Against Hunger

Rene Baumann started out as a DJ in 1985, quickly establishing his reputation as DJ BoBo in his home country Switzerland, as well as in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe. In the early 1990s DJ BoBo had his international breakthrough with the smash hit “Dance With Me”. In 2003 his global hit, 'Chihuahua' was a worldwide chartbuster and even reached gold, platinum and diamond status.

He manages to masterfully interweave rap music with dance and visual effects to create breath-taking shows, wowing audiences and filling stadiums across Europe. DJ Bobo’s participation in the 2006 Geneva Walk the World marked the beginning of ties with WFP. 

In 2007, DJ BoBo for the first time visited projects of WFP in Ethiopia, one of the most food insecure countries worldwide. This journey gave him a better idea of how WFP supports Ethiopian school children, farmers and people affected by HIV/AIDS with food assistance.  

In autumn 2009, he started a second journey. This time, he visited projects in Ethiopia and Kenya for which he had collected more than 200,000 Euros since his last visit in 2007. “I would never have dreamed that the projects have made such progress,” DJ BoBo wrote in his Blog. To see the video of his travel, click here. 

During his successful concert tours in 2008 and 2010, DJ BoBo and WFP invited school classes to play FreeRice and thereby contribute to the fight against hunger. The classes with the highest score won tickets for a DJ BoBo concert. DJ BoBo supported the Free Rice school competition from conviction: “FreeRice is an excellent tool. It teaches children knowledge and gives them the chance to do something for the world’s poorest.”

DJ BoBo is proud to support WFP and make a change: His status as an international musician helps to raise awareness for WFP’s fight against hunger. "Travelling around the world has made me sensitive to people in need. It is a privilege to be able to help," he said.

DJ BoBo became a WFP National Ambassador against Hunger in October 2006.



Partner Profile

Profession: Internationally-renowned Swiss music artist.

WFP National Ambassador Against Hunger since: October 2006