Djibouti: Global food crisis adding to shortages

Published on 10 February 2009

Drought, high food prices and a weak response from donors have left a large proportion of Djibouti’s population without enough to eat, despite some level of economic growth, the UN Resident Coordinator said. "Djibouti has been suffering over the last few years, not only from the drought situation that the Horn of Africa is facing, but it is also one of the countries severely hit by the global food crisis," Sunil Saigal said. [...] "We don’t quite know how many people are actually in Djibouti right now," Saigal told IRIN in Djibouti. "[But] a very large percentage is highly food-insecure. WFP [UN World Food Programme] is operating on the basis of 328,000 moderately food-insecure."

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