Doctors race to fight preventable tragedies in typhoon-hit Philippines

Published on 20 November 2013

Many survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan sustained relatively minor injuries when the storm whipped up a frenzy of falling cement and flying sheets of corrugated metal, but these knicks and gashes are increasingly becoming infected - and life threatening - as doctors scramble to operate, heal and save lives. “It’s very important that these wounds are treated as soon as possible because if the infection is locked inside, it starts spreading and becomes septic and you can die from a very minor injury,” added von Schreeb, who had seen similar cases in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. (..)MSF, which warned the risk of skin disease, diarrhoea and tetanus are high in storm-hit areas, has set up and offered inpatient and outpatient services in Guiuan since Friday. It had conducted 60 minor surgeries for lacerations, broken bones and infected injuries, and provided more than 1,000 consultations in three days.

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