EGYPT-OPT: Gaza aid inefficiencies, bottlenecks

Published on 03 June 2009

The only working warehouse in Al-Arish had been part-rented to the World Food Programme (WFP) with only some of its space allocated to the Egyptian Red Crescent Society (ERCS), said Ahmed Orabi, head of Egyptian Red Crescent aid operations between June 2008 and April 2009. Not all of the donated food aid arriving in Al-Arish could be stored appropriately, and this had led to some wastage, he said. (...) Bekim Mahmuti, head of logistics with WFP's programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, told IRIN they had encountered no warehousing or access problems in Al-Arish. "Our aid was locally purchased in Egypt and stockpiled in our warehouse in Al-Arish. It successfully reached Gaza," Mahmuti said from East Jerusalem. He added that WFP had no food aid left in Al-Arish by mid-May.

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